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Maglificio Piero Coerezza & C.

we are very satisfied, after trying the ACME ELETTRONICA antistatic system ,we have solved all the problems generated by static electricity on our flat knitting machines. Now all the machines are equipped with antistatic system.

Stella Alpina Knitting

with some kind of yarn on 12 /18 gauge every piece made the machine stop. Now with the antistatic system machines work without interruption.

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Knitting machine antistatic system

As you know, the modern fibers employment in Knitwear production, on flat knitting machine, specially in dry weather conditions, may produce electrostatic effects as attraction of the product to machine case. This effect results in a production loose due to the frequent machine stops.

Our product, high technology and low cost, will solves easily these kind of problems. The system is composed by high voltage generator, antistatic bar and connection cable.
The operation is completely independent from knitting machine electrical system.

The installation requirement is only a 115 or 230Vac socket with earth connection.

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The solution for electrostatic effect issues

Electrostatic electricity is a charge build-up on a non conductive material surface. This is normal when rubbing happens between different insulating materials ( plastic, glass, linoleum, wool, synthetic clothes, storage materials etc).

An anti-static device can stop damaging effect of electrostatic electricity to your business. With an anti electrostatic device you have no more production loose due to the frequent machine stops.

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